TitanHacks is an online high school hackathon that will run April 11-12. High school students will come for the weekend and team up to build an app, game, or website. Workshops, games, and raffles mean fun for everyone from the beginning programmer to the seasoned hackathon veteran. After a day of hard work, judges will pick the best projects and give prizes. Come to meet new friends, create something new, and have fun!


  • Must be a high schooler (or equivalent outside the US)
  • Team size can be between 1-4
    • Teams over 4 may request approval
    • Prizes accommodate for 4 people only, no more


  • Submission must be original.
    • No repeat Devpost submissions
    • No previous projects
  • Submission must be in English.
  • Submission must include:
    • Title of the project
    • Tagline
    • Background - what inspired you, what you learned, how you built, and the challenges you faced.
    • Profile:
      • What school(s) are you from? Remember: only high school students and other premade exceptions are allowed to compete.
      • What is your Discord username(s)?
    • Slides that give us an overview of your solution.  
    • Links to GitHub repository, etc.
    • A 3-4 minute video recorded on Youtube, Vimeo etc that includes:
      • Project status: background, work completed, difficulties encountered, and future plans.
      • Those that are making a hardware hack:
        • Demonstrate that your project is actually yours (ex. paper saying "TitanHacks 2020 + your name")
        • Have your video show your project in action
      • Those that are submitting a software hack
        • Demonstrate that your project is actually yours (ex. // TitanHacks 2020 + "your name")
        • A video demonstrating your project / explaining code


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$1,905 in prizes

1st Place Prize

4 x HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
4 x $125.00 Balsamiq Credits

2nd Place Prize

4 x JBL GO 2
4 x $125.00 Balsamiq Credits

3rd Place Prize

4 x Amazon Dot Echo


Adafruit Clue


Raspi 4 Model B


Adafruit Gift Card

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Judging Criteria

  • Technical Expertise
    Does your project run well? Does your project execute all stated goals? How complex is your project? Is your project free of major bugs?
  • Polish
    Does your UI work as intended? Does your UI facilitate easy use of your project? Is your UI intuitive?
  • Creativity
    Is this project unique and innovative? Is it a solution or creation we have never seen before or a better way of doing something?
  • Application
    Does the project have any feasible application? Does the project extend beyond the scope of a hackathon!

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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